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Core skills > Tube bending > Rotary bending Brought into the form                                         For example, if an oil or fuel line is installed in a vehicle, it must be integrated into the carefully planned and space-saving engine compartment. Rotary bending makes it possible to transform the pipe into almost any desired shape.  Here, we are able to manufacture different bending radii in a single bending process. We also have the opportunity to work with internal mandrels so as to minimise the incidence of pipe in the bending area considerably. If customised bending tools are needed, we produce them in our company and can thus respond to different requirements quickly and flexibly. Benefits and facts - the important information at a glance: In the rotary bending ... o a complex geometry can also be produced without separation points o a high number of items with short lead times is possible o can also be bent with already applied connections o minimum bending radii are produced o a bend can be produced in another bend o can be produced at low cost We can do this for you: Materials o Aluminium o Copper o Steel o Stainless steel Batch sizes o individually between 1 and 20.000 pieces Tube dimensions o min. diameter: 6 mm o max. diameter: 30 mm o max. length: 2.800 mm 3D data formats o STEP o DWG o VDA o IGES o DXF