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Intelligente Lösungen in Metall
Core skills > Sheet mental processing From coffee can up to vault door Be it is a sheet metal blank or a complete casing of sheet metal, we manufacture components according to your needs and preferences from virtually any sheet material and for every application. Starting from a door sign through brackets from sheet metal to machine frames, the possibilities are limitless. In our production, we have a variety of manufacturing processes for sheet metal processing, ranging from laser cutting up to welding. From the metal sheet to the finished product, all processes are carried out in-house. A warehouse with nearly 50 types of sheet metal with various material thickness allows us to respond quickly and flexibly. On request, we can provide you a measurement log for each component, created by a 6-axis measuring machine, and various inspection certificates of the materials. We are happy to also take over the complete manufacturing of the components, including attachments and surface treatments, such as glass bead blasting, coatings or paints.
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