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Intelligente Lösungen in Metall
Core skills > Sheet mental processing > Welding Cost-effective and durable at the same time A further possibility of producing permanent joints is welding. Here, components are bonded together by means of melting the bonding surfaces and the addition of welding additives.  Welding is commonly used in the machinery and vehicle construction industry, the electrical industry, as well as the pipeline and building construction. Depending on the requirements, different methods are used in Metzler Service: o TIG welding o GMA welding o Arc welding o Resistance spot welding Benefits and facts - the important information at a glance: During welding ... o high-strength joints are formed o joints can be produced at low cost o the component size is not limited o joints that withstand high temperatures are formed o highly resistant joints that are also suitable for aggressive media are formed o an inexpensive and flexible prefixing as solder preparation is possible We can do this for you: Materials o Aluminium o Steel o Stainless steel o Special steels o Titanium Batch sizes o individually between 1 and 5.000 pieces
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