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Intelligente Lösungen in Metall
Core skills > Heat treatment The correct method for each material property Whenever a structure is to be transformed, optimised for a subsequent processing step, or in short, a specific material property is to be produced, heat treatment is an ideal method. Metzler Service has extensive expertise in different annealing processes in the field of heat treatment. In each of these processes, a workpiece is processed at specified parameters in a protective gas atmosphere, taking into account a certain retention period and subsequent cooling in a continuous furnace. Depending on the desired material property, distinction is made between different annealing processes, of which Metzler Service uses the following: o Annealing Hardness and strength of the material are reduced, the deformation is facilitated. The temperature range is between 680°C and 950°C depending on the material. o Stress relief annealing The internal stress of the workpiece that has been introduced by deformation or machining is eliminated. The temperature range is between 480°C and 680°C depending on the material.
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