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Intelligente Lösungen in Metall
Core skills > Heat treatment > Stress relief annealing For a stress relief result When a workpiece is machined, intrinsic stresses may develop during this process, for example, by forming, machining or uneven heating and/or cooling. This may increase the susceptibility of the workpiece to cracking or affect its fatigue strength. The stress relief annealing is very well suited to eliminate these unwanted side effects, without changing the microstructure. This method is mainly applied in sheet metal processing, machinery components and turning/ milling and welding. Benefits and facts - the important information at a glance: During stress relief annealing... o there is no structural change in the material o distortion-free further processing of the components is possible o slight machining of the components is possible o crack susceptibility can be successfully encountered o stresses built up during the welding process are relieved We can do this for you: Materials o Cutting steels o Special steels o Quenched and tempered steels o Stainless steel Batch sizes o individually between 1 and 50.000 pieces Component size o up to 300 x 250 x 3.000 mm o Stainless steel: up to 350 x 100 x 3.000 mm
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