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Intelligente Lösungen in Metall
Core skills > Heat treatment > Annealing Heat for better material properties Changing the material properties and adapting it to the needs of further processing is the primary objective of annealing. In this case, the material is literally brought into a continuous furnace for annealing, and held there for a certain period at a specific temperature. Thus, the hardness of the material decreases and its strength is reduced. This can be an essential prerequisite for further processing (e.g. die-cutting). Annealing is used, for example, in sheet metal processing and machine components, as well as for turning/ milling and welding parts. Benefits and facts - the important information at a glance: In annealing... o better machinability is achieved o better cold formability is achieved o cracking is minimised We can do this for you: Materials o Steel o Cutting steel o Copper o Brass o Stainless steel Batch sizes o individually between 1 and 50.000 pieces Component size o up to 350 x 100 x 3.000 mm o Steel/Cutting steel: up to 300 x 250 x 3.000 mm
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