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Core skills > Brazing technology Brazing: many benefits, one method The brazing technology is used whenever different metallic materials are to be firmly bonded. Compared to other joining techniques such as welding, brazing combines a number of advantages that make it a versatile method. Are you looking for a bonding technology that gives you the following options? Then the brazing technology is the right method for you: o Possibility to join different materials o Producing several joints in a single step o The parts to be bonded are neither destroyed nor damaged o Due to the low operating temperature no structural changes to the base materials are caused o Operations with low heat input o Work results with low distortion o Joints with good thermal and electrical conductivity o Possibility for automation of work processes Depending on the melting temperature of the solder, there are three procedures within the brazing technology: o Soldering (under 450°C) o Brazing (450°C to 900°C) o High-temperature brazing (above 900°C) Contact us so that we can match your needs with the technical possibilities optimally.
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