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Intelligente Lösungen in Metall
Core skills > Brazing technology > Soldering Low temperatures for less distortion From the solar industry to the offshore wind turbine: Components that are joined together by soldering are used in the most varied production systems. It is spoken thereof when the solder melting temperature is below 450°C. Using a flux, the component is rendered free of impurities and joined together using a solder made of a tin alloy. Typical areas of application of soldering are the electrical industry as well as mechanical engineering and sheet metal processing. Soldered products can also be found, for example, in cooling systems and water supply. Benefits and facts - the important information at a glance: During soldering... o low heat input is sufficient o only a small distortion of the component is caused o can be produced at low cost o galvanic coatings are not damaged o the result are: components with good electrical conductivity We can do this for you: Materials o Steel o Stainless steel o Copper o Brass o Zinc Batch sizes o individually between 1 and 50.000 pieces
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