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Intelligente Lösungen in Metall
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Core skills > Brazing technology > Brazing Pressure-tight, durable and can be used variably Relatively low working temperatures between 450°C and 900°C and a stable result: Brazing allows the assembly of complex parts made of different materials. By the use of a flux, the resulting components can also withstand high loads permanently. Brazing is widespread especially in vehicle and mechanical engineering industry. It is also applied in the electronics industry. Benefits and facts - the important information at a glance: During brazing... o the processing of large components and different materials is possible o low operating temperatures arise in the production process o low heat radiation onto the component by partial heating of the solder joint o large solder gaps can be closed o result: solder joints with high strength and pressure tightness We can do this for you: Materials o Steel o Stainless steel o Copper o Brass o Zinc o Aluminium o Titanium Batch sizes o individually between 1 and 50.000 pieces
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